My family knows that I don’t quite like fish. But fresh steamed fish is a different story. There are some other exceptions but that’s another story for another day.

Steamed fish tastes divine with hot white rice. A heavenly match indeed! Agreed?

The soy sauce mixture is just as important. Thanks to Rasa Malaysia, we now know that the secret ingredient for making the awesome soy sauce mixture is rock sugar. I have to admit that I am having fun grinding it with a blender into powder form for the sauce.

The other tip I have learnt is to pour hot oil over the fish for a perfect sheen before topping it with the soy sauce mixture.

This is an easy recipe. I have always been delighted with the results and it is officially my GO TO recipe. LOL, it should be no surprise that this was one of the dinner dishes in today’s menu.

Imagine …. restaurant-style steamed fish in the comfort of home (rain or shine, day or night). And the family is loving it. Total bliss!!

“Chinese steamed fish recipe. Learn how to make restaurant-style Chinese steamed fish with this easy steamed fish recipe, with steamed fish pics.”

Source: Steamed Fish Recipe | Easy Delicious Recipes: Rasa Malaysia



Kai’s Plato – A Unique Seafood experience

We wanted to have a special birthday celebration for my sister-in-law KT and Kai’s Plato was suggested by niece-in-law Immy. Since we live to eat and are ever ready for a food adventure, Kai’s Plato seemed to be an interesting & attractive choice and was confirmed as the venue.

It was planned as a surprise birthday celebration but KT found out about it. So we ‘cancelled’ the event & went ahead with it so that it would be a surprise no-surprise celebration. She was pleasantly surprised so it worked. LOL, real fun, it was!!

I did mention Unique so what’s unique about Kai’s Plato? Since it is in KD, it obviously won’t be by the beach.

Alright, here’s what everybody is talking about in Kai’s Plato’s own words …. “the 1st in Malaysia to have the most tiers with more than 10 types of scrumptious seafood in a tower platter.” Fresh seafood comes served in a tower platter to be finished tier by tier from top to bottom. Cool! The tasty yummy soup in the bottom platter is a splendid way to finish a great delicious sumptuous feast. It goes well with the Angel hair.

Take a look at the Side Orders menu if you want some side dishes. We had soft shell crabs, deep fried squid & otak otak. I love the crabs which were really crunchy and appetizing.

Wait, there’s another surprise. The other unique point about Kai’s Plato is its concept of “Hands and Table”simply enjoy and eat with our hands as they are the best utensils we have for eating seafood. I think we all can pretty much agree with this statement. It was a simple affair of helping yourself to food from the platter (Caution: It’s steaming hot!) and attacking it on waxed paper laid over the table. But you will need a bowl for the soup.  😉

To fully enjoy this new experience, photography unfortunately had to take a backseat. You do not want to mess with the camera with dirty messy hands for sure! The pictures were quick snaps with my Zenfone 2. Food Photography, however, will be the priority on my next visit.

While waiting for your tower platter, create some memories on clam shells with the  coloring pens provided. They get to go to the wall in the restaurant. How’s that for creating some lasting memory?

The birthday boy / girl gets a complimentary bottle of Makkoli rice wine to celebrate the moment. High Five!

So, if you are a seafood lover and are looking for a unique dining experience, you are in for a treat. We had a blast enjoying the fresh seafood & each other’s company. Thanks for a great recommendation.Immy!!

Is Kai’s Plato recommended? It gets a DO-DID-DONE recommendation for satisfying our search for a new & good experience. Service was good & attentive. The environment is relaxing with a fun ambience.

Kai’s Plato is located at Garden Office @Encorp Strand, Kota Damansara in the building block beside GIANT. They are on Facebook, so check them out for further details.

We were a bit disoriented when we were in the car park. But the food adventurers were not deterred, of course.


No. 12, Jalan PJU 5/1, Kota Damansara

Petaling Jaya

Phone:  017-283 2883
Reservations can be made via SMS, WhatsApp & Facebook PM.


Let the story unfold ……

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steamed whole fresh fish

Chinese Steamed Fish recipe. Easy to prepare, delicious result. The tasty goodness of fresh fish with steaming hot rice is amazing awesome!

Homemade in Hong Kong

hong kong is blessed with an abundance of seafood. cantonese people, in general, love to eat fish. they use the simplest technique to cook them, thus preserving its natural flavor as much as possible. when you have fish that was just caught in the morning, the last thing you want to do is mask the sweetness of the meat.

craving for seafood, we made a quick trip to our local wet market. our fishmonger recommended the sea bass. she said it was the catch of the day. without hesitation, she picked the best one for us. faster than we can count the money from our wallets, she descaled and gutted the whole fish in less than one minute. doing that ourselves might have taken us 10 minutes at least. once we arrived back home, all we had to do is rinse the fish, boil some water, and chop up green…

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