The Debunking of Urban Legends

Urban legends are one of the sources of viral spams. They have been around for ages. It’s time to get smart about it. They are really a waste of time & system resources. And it is made worse (with its multiplying effect) when we propogate it without thinking.

An example of an urban legend making its rounds … Fetuses found in chinese restaurant freezers

Things go awfully wrong when we accept what’s being circulated on the Internet as the truth. Viral spams get viral because of the shocking / disgusting contents which motivates the receiver to share instantly. So as not to be deceived by these fraudulent materials, we must first challenge the reality & its validity by verifying the news in the first instance. is a very old & established site to validate such documented cases. It has a huge / extensive database of debunked cases which will verify the ‘news’ & confirm if it will be a waste of time & resources to circulate to others.

No surprise that old casesĀ  gets a new life every now and then.

But if the website is hard to remember, a quick Google Search is just as effective.

Snopes in Google Search

All you need for the search is the relevant keywords and sure enough, it throws up with the conclusion of their investigation. If FALSE, do not share / circulate. We shall not be deceived!!

BTW Jackie Chan has died multiple deaths.

Stay safe & Happy computing everybody!