My WOW Moment with Zung The Photoz

Happy New Year 2016 everybody!

Wow, 2015 was a really happening year. I was actively engaged in living the life in the real world which is why I was MIA from blogging action for several months.

2016 promises to be even more exciting. But hey, nothing’s gonna keep me away for long. I have a lot of new ideas & things to share. I am still toying with the idea if I should share a bit more about myself.

Let’s kick things off with my WOW moment on 4th April 2016.

If you have not heard of Zung, here’s the scoop on him.

Zung The Photoz – Augustman magazine’s Man of the Year 2015

Not only is he an internationally acclaimed photographer, he is a great inspiration to everyone who aspires to make a difference to the world.

Needless to say, I was over the moon to meet him in person to assist him with a photoshoot with celebrities. So many celebrities were involved. I can confirm that Aishah Sinclair is just as charming in person.

It was my first experience being in an actual underwater shoot. Sorry that I could not jump into the inviting pool Zung. Hehehe, I am now regretting that I have yet to learn to swim!

A little tidbit to share. Zung just moved into his new studio which is a super spacious bungalow with a swimming pool, recently in Jan this year. It is an impressive place to say the least.


Thanks Master Zung for the WOW Moment. Awesome!!