Quick & Easy lunch for two

Cooking a wholesome meal for a single person or two persons can sometimes be rather challenging for an aspiring chef / father like me.

So many questions even before cooking begins!

What goes into the menu of the day? Are the dishes quick & easy to prepare (Preparation + Cooking time)? Do I have the recipes? Are the ingredients in stock? Will my son like it? The usual questions & the list goes on ….

This is what I cooked for 2 persons for a simple but tasty lunch. It goes with rice of course.

Thanks to my Air Fryer, the luncheon meat is cooked without oil. Yes, healthy cooking & eating is important.

I am enjoying my cooking journey & adventure which is yet to be a year old. So much to learn & experiment (ooops!) but the results are definitely worth it. Even if you fail, just EAT it. LOL.

In future posts, I will share (for the benefit of newbie cooks) my GO TO recipes.

Cooking should be fun!


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