Make an evil angel in Photoshop

Here’s another great Photoshop tutorial if you are interested to learn Digital Image compositing.

A beautiful evil winged angel with a sword. An imposing gargoyle statue in the background. A dark apocalyptic setting. It’s an intriguing & captivating fantasy theme for sure!

A favourite of my favourites, it certainly deserves a DO-DID-DONE Top recommendation for its great learning & entertainment value.

You will like:

  1. The great fantasy theme as mentioned
  2. Clear instructions in the video and an accompanying text tutorial
  3. The good steady pace which makes it is easy to follow
  4. The many techniques & tricks to learn, especially to blend everything together in a realistic scene & environment
  5. It is not too lengthy (41m 07s) for a tutorial that covers so much
  6. The stock images used are provided (Hint: the link is in the video description)
  7. You can do magic and the final result is a work of art
  8. A fun project for your artistic creations

Same criteria as my other post > Magic Forest

It helps if you are working with dual monitors. One for the video & the other for Photoshop to follow along.

Let’s create some magic!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Skill level: Intermediate. It is expected that you will be able to extract the stock images from their background. You will also learn some Beauty retouch techniques too.

Tools:  Pen, Transform, Gaussian Blur, Hue/Saturation, Curves, Levels, Color Fill, Smart Object, Mixer Brush, Eraser, Brush, Gradient Map, Dodge, Burn

Techniques: Clipping Mask, Smooth skin, Makeup, Add hair, Add Wings, Create Shadows, Layer Grouping

Andrei has graciously provided the steps in his text tutorial. It is a fantastic way to reinforce the learning.

As always, if you find this tip useful & helpful, do click Like and let me have your feedback in the comments.

Feel free to share if it will help others. Sharing is caring. 😉


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