5 Awesome Layer Mask Tricks

Joshua Cripps will reveal or shall we say unmask, the awesome tricks in this 12m 28s tutorial video.

Layers Masks are awesome. They should be quite easy to learn.

Just remember the mantra  “White reveals, Black conceals”.

But Just when you think you know everything about Layer Masks …..

This will be a good checklist to see if you have mastered the tricks. It will be worth your time.

5 Awesome Layer Masks Tricks

Summarised for the busy person

  1. Apply Image (0:15)
  2. Layer Mask density which gives you opacity control (2:41)
  3. Fine tune masks with Curves or Levels (4:23)
  4. Applying the same mask to another layer adjustment – 3 ways.
    1. Clipping mask (6.03)
    2. Control clicking on mask to be duplicated (selection) before creating a new layer mask (8:05)
    3. Alt + Click & drag the layer mask to copy (8:36)
  5. Create a group even for a single layer for an extra layer mask for even more precise control (9:07)

As always, if you find this tip useful & helpful, do click Like and let me have your feedback in the comments.

Feel free to share if it will help others. Sharing is caring. 😉




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