Levitation Effect Manipulation – Photoshop Tutorial

Levitation defies the law of gravity. Levitation is an amazing effect which never ceases to impress because of the questions it invokes. “How is this magic done?”  “Is this real?”

This is where all powerful Photoshop really shines. I found this 6m 59s YouTube video tutorial which has the answer to the mystery of levitation. All will be revealed. You too can be a magician!

This is a good exercise in Digital Image Compositing too. The instructor has even included the work files for you to follow along. No wand is provided. Just point & CLICK, LOL!

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Skill Level: Intermediate


  • Pen tool
  • Move tool
  • Hue / Saturation Adjustment
  • Gaussian Blur
  • Render Clouds
  • Photo Filter
  • Curves


Summarised for the busy people

  1. Extract the Model from the background. Select the girl with the pen tool. Copy the selection to a new layer. This is just one of the many methods of course. You will need to be familiar with the Pen tool which will otherwise be very challenging to use.
  2. Move the image to the Room image tab (1:45)
  3. Rotate & position the Model with free transform (Ctrl+T)
  4. Desaturate the image to better blend with the environment (2:48). Ctrl+Click on Model  Layer to select the Model. Desaturate with Hue / Saturation Adjustment layer.
  5. Create a dreamy effect (3:00). Duplicate the Model layer. Blur this layer with Gaussian Blur and change the Blend mode to Screen. Set Opacity to about 30%.
  6. Add another dreamy effect (4:42). Create new layer. Set Foreground / Background to B&W colors. Filter / Render / Clouds. Change Blend mode to Screen & lower the opacity 15%. Add Gaussian Blur to finish the effect.
  7. For Color Effect, add a Photo Filter. Select a Green color. Default density is OK.
  8. Add a Curve (6:08) to darken the shadows
  9. Color correct by adjusting the Blue curve as shown (6:25).


UPDATE 2016/07/09   Check out more magic here. >> Making Levitation Photo Manipulation Effect In Photoshop

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