Whatsapp on Web

Ever had the problem pulling yourself away from Whatsapp on your smartphone?

Problem solved, now you can. Switch to the web instead. But be warned, you will be glued to the PC instead!  LOL

Here’s how the magic works. Go to Whatsapp Web

As seen in the screen below, it is just a simple matter of scanning the QR Code from within your Smartphone Whatsapp to get your messenger chats mirrored on the web! It’s really magical.

WhatsApp Web

Check out Whatsapp’s  website FAQ for more details. It’s informative.

Whatsapp FAQ


Why would you want to use Whatsapp on Web?

There are several good reasons actually.

  1. If Whatsapp is part of your work workflow, it makes sense to direct all the action from the convenience of your desktop where all work is centred.
  2. If you want to share media located on the PC, you can access them immediately. Otherwise you will need to transfer the files first.
  3. The benefits of a big screen & keyboard are obviously a big BIG Bonus for boosting productivity .

Actually it makes it safe to use Whatsapp. You won’t go around bumping into things or get run over (don’t even think about it, you need to get the next message out!).

If you have not done so already, have a go at it. Have fun!

BTW, Whatsapp just recently allowed the sharing of PDF documents if you have not heard about it.

If you are a Telegram user, you can share more document types than PDF. You can also have Telegram on the Web. The connection procedure is less magical but just as simple. You are provided a code to key into the website login.

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