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15+ Best Free Photoshop Textures 2016


So if you’re looking for some actually cool patterns and undertaking, this publish is to not be missed. Be at liberty to obtain and use them in your subsequent design. Hope you take pleasure in and tune in tomorrow for the final installment of freebies! Should you love utilizing texture in your pictures, then you do not need to overlook these hyperlinks. Beneath are some Superb free Photoshop textures web sites with 1000’s of free textures which you could obtain and use in your images. In case you love textures, you’ll want to obtain the FREE MCP Texture Applicator Motion, a Photoshop motion that provides textures to your pictures. Simply obtain textures from these websites and use the motion to use them to your photographs. Suitable with each Photoshop CS2, CS3 , CS4, CS5 and CS6 in addition to Parts, you’re certain to maintain busy… Not solely do they…

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Removing Soft Tofu from plastic container

I had the biggest difficulty removing the beautiful soft tofu from it’s plastic container without breaking it. This obviously tells you that I am a noob cook. I just started my journey & adventure this year. The Internet is really a good teacher. LOL, I suppose I can say that I am self-taught by studying online resources for recipes.

Obviously, my almighty teacher had the answer for me. And it was a WOW Moment!

Thanks to this tip from, I am now able to remove it quite effortlessly with its perfect form intact. What a great engineering idea and it is actually fun to do! I no longer dread this task which is one stress less for sure.

The secret’s here >>>  The SECRET to removing tofu from the plastic container

food-4tots Remove soft tofu from plastic container


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Levitation Effect Manipulation – Photoshop Tutorial

Levitation defies the law of gravity. Levitation is an amazing effect which never ceases to impress because of the questions it invokes. “How is this magic done?”  “Is this real?”

This is where all powerful Photoshop really shines. I found this 6m 59s YouTube video tutorial which has the answer to the mystery of levitation. All will be revealed. You too can be a magician!

This is a good exercise in Digital Image Compositing too. The instructor has even included the work files for you to follow along. No wand is provided. Just point & CLICK, LOL!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Skill Level: Intermediate


  • Pen tool
  • Move tool
  • Hue / Saturation Adjustment
  • Gaussian Blur
  • Render Clouds
  • Photo Filter
  • Curves


Summarised for the busy people

  1. Extract the Model from the background. Select the girl with the pen tool. Copy the selection to a new layer. This is just one of the many methods of course. You will need to be familiar with the Pen tool which will otherwise be very challenging to use.
  2. Move the image to the Room image tab (1:45)
  3. Rotate & position the Model with free transform (Ctrl+T)
  4. Desaturate the image to better blend with the environment (2:48). Ctrl+Click on Model  Layer to select the Model. Desaturate with Hue / Saturation Adjustment layer.
  5. Create a dreamy effect (3:00). Duplicate the Model layer. Blur this layer with Gaussian Blur and change the Blend mode to Screen. Set Opacity to about 30%.
  6. Add another dreamy effect (4:42). Create new layer. Set Foreground / Background to B&W colors. Filter / Render / Clouds. Change Blend mode to Screen & lower the opacity 15%. Add Gaussian Blur to finish the effect.
  7. For Color Effect, add a Photo Filter. Select a Green color. Default density is OK.
  8. Add a Curve (6:08) to darken the shadows
  9. Color correct by adjusting the Blue curve as shown (6:25).


UPDATE 2016/07/09   Check out more magic here. >> Making Levitation Photo Manipulation Effect In Photoshop

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How to Add Realistic Tattoos to Your Body

Tattoos are always fascinating but I don’t think I will ever get one done for many reasons especially here in Asia.

Anyway, thank goodness we have Photoshop. This is the closest thing to working with the real thing.

So here’s a 6m 53s quick tutorial from Blue Lightning TV showing you how to add realistic body tattoos as a quick & fun PS project.

The Tattoo design used in the tutorial is provided for your practice.

Tattoo design:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Skill level:  Intermediate


  • Selection & Quick Mask / Layer mask
  • Gaussian Blur
  • Magic Wand
  • Clipping mask
  • Ctrl+T  Transform
  • Channels & Alpha selection – Step 8
  • Blend mode (Soft Light)
  • Hue / Saturation Adjustment


  • Displacement Map (Filter / Distort / Displace)


Summarised for the busy person

  1. Make a selection of arm area. Press “Q” for Quick Mask to see your selection. Save the selection with Select / Save selection. Ctrl + D to turn off the “marching ants”.
  2. Ctrl+J to make a copy of the layer for a Displacement Map (1:38). Displacement maps work best when they are slightly blurred. Apply Gaussian Blur with Filter / Blur / Gaussian Blur. 3 pixels was used for the tutorial image but you will have to adjust it depending on your image size. File / Save As  to save the file on your desktop in PSD format. The Blurred layer can be deleted since the Displacement Map file has been saved.
  3. Open the Tattoo design (2:25). Use the Magic wand to select the tattoo to cut it out from the white background. With the tattoo selected, Ctrl+J to copy it to it’s own layer.
  4. Press “V” for Move tool (3:03). Drag it into the tab with the body image
  5. Ctrl+T to Transform the image (3:13) to fit the arm. Resize & Rotate & Position it.
  6. Apply Gaussian Blur to the tattoo to better blend with the skin with Filter / Blur / Gaussian Blur / 1 pixel.
  7. Use the Displacement Map (3:58) to conform the shape of the tattoo to the contours of the arm. Go to Filter / Distort/ Displace. Use Horizontal & Vertical scale of 10, Stretch to Fit & Repeat Edge Pixels. OK to accept & choose the Displacement Map file.
  8. Hide the tattoo extending beyond the arms (4.35). Ctrl+Click on the thumbnail of the tattoo to select the tattoo. Open Channels panel. Go to Alpha 1, Press Ctrl+Shift+Alt to delete the selection outside the arm.
  9. Go back to Layers panel & click on the Layer Mask icon to make a layer mask of the selection.
  10. To blend the tattoo onto the skin (5:08), change the Blend Mode to Soft Light.
  11. Make a composite snapshot with Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E.
  12. Make a copy of it.
  13. Copy the Tattoo layer mask to the top layer (5:30). Go to layer mask, Alt & hold and drag a copy to the top layer.
  14. Click on the thumbnail of the top layer to make it active. Create a Hue / Saturation adjustment & clip it to affect just the layer beneath it. Reduce the Saturation to -30, Lightness to -40. This will be different for other images. Experiment with the settings including Hue if you want to change the color.
  15. There is even a font for your to try for further practice.


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PS Color Grading – Rich golden tone

Photo Credit: Gromovataya @Pixabay

The original picture on the right is already perfect, a lovely image as it is.

It was color graded to give the left image a warm rich golden tone using PS Curves.


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PS Color Grading – Friends

Picture Credit: maya7966@Pixabay

I wanted an image to signify Friendship. The original is the second picture below. You will notice that I cropped into it to guide the viewer’s attention to the two pretty models’ hands.It was then color graded  with Curves in PS to create a more dreamy but warm ambience.

z_FRIENDS Rail Track_1920portrait-828398_1920

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