Sharing Big Files with WeTransfer

Multimedia files are getting bigger & bigger all the time and we are all addicted to file sharing aren’t we?

Mail, messaging & cloud storage systems all allow you to share your files but within the limits they set. Some of the limits in the range of MBs rather than GBs are obviously too limiting.

That’s when WeTransfer comes into the picture. It is both a paid (10GB file size limit) & free service (2GB file size limit).

It is easy to use. Go to and you will be greeted by this screen. If the second screen is displayed instead, the free service is ready for you.

WeTransfer Plus-SKIP

Press SKIP to proceed

Since we will be using the free service, press SKIP to continue.

WeTransfer free 2GB

Free for files up to 2 GB

Click on + Add files to attach the file you wish to share, fill in your friend’s email, your email and any message if any. Complete by clicking Transfer to send the file on it’s way! It doesn’t get easier than this.

You will receive a notification mail to confirm that the file has been successfully sent, the ‘expiry’ date when the file will be deleted & a download link for sharing with others. You will even get a notification mail when the file has been downloaded by your friend. Cool!

Sharing is definitely caring. So don’t despair, just fire up WeTransfer when you need to share the big file that’s way too big to get to your friend through the normal service. The name is easy to remember but save yourself some memory cells and save the URL to your browser’s Favourite.


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