How to Fix White Balance in Photoshop by Finding a 50% Gray Point by Michael Zhang

In this 1m 53s video, Michael demonstrates a cool technique in Photoshop to correct White Balance even if no gray card was used during the shoot. You will need to be comfortable with Curves though.

Software: Photoshop

Skill level: Intermediate

Tools: Layers (50% Gray Fill, Threshold, Curves) / Blend Modes / Color Sampler Tool

View the Video

Before White Balance Correction

1. Before White Balance Correction

After White Balance Correction

2. After White Balance Correction


Summarised for the busy person

  1. Create a new layer, fill it with 50% gray, set the blending mode to difference
  2. Create a threshold adjustment layer. Slide the slider to the left till there’s only a few areas in black which are areas closest to 50% gray
  3. Select the Color Sampler Tool & click at a black area to save a sampler point
  4. Hide the first 2 layers
  5. In a Curves layer, select the Gray point sampler & click on the saved sampler point in step (3) above. The White Balance is magically corrected by this action.
  6. Clear the saved sampler point by going back to the Color Sampler Tool and clicking CLEAR on the top bar.

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