DO * DID * DONE  is the creation of Philip Teh, a professional photographer <www.philipteh.wix.com/photoz>


Join me as I share with you my Photography / TECH / Lifestyle experiences with a specific focus … more Pictures & less Text. Home is delightful Malacca, a vibrant UNESCO heritage city in sunny Malaysia where it is summer the whole year long. You have come to the right place if you would like to have more than a glimpse of fascinating Malacca / Melaka!

The value of knowledge & experience is in the sharing. Technology can be an intimidating monster! If you are a Photography / TECH newbie, my Facebook Page NewbieTechAid will guide and support you as you take the baby steps to tame the beast named TechI personally curate the primers & guides (articles / tutorials) from various professional & respected Internet resources very frequently, almost daily in fact. Tech learning should be and can be fun. Don’t forget to click the LIKE button to learn more about the latest technological developments & advancements without being too challenged and overwhelmed by cryptic technical jargons.

PF_Biker_Blur-Soft Light

I AM WHO I AM – a father & husband to a lovely wife and 3 awesome kids. A computer & a broadband connection is all I need for work & play to keep me happy. I am most relaxed with music playing in the background & hot coffee on the table.  A world without music is unimagineable! I am a trained classical guitarist. I gave my first & only public singing performance, accompanied by my guitar, at my wedding. The song was a surprise dedication specially for my lovely bride and now my beloved wife. The hot humid weather of a sunny day is intolerable for me. I love a cool environment and I don’t mind if it is cold. My favourite hangout is, surprise …. FB!

I am a man with many hats …. Photographer, Image Retoucher / Digital Imaging Junkie, Tech Geek, Gadget Freak, Digital LifeStyle Evangelist, Blogger, NETizen, Expert Trainer, Business analyst / consultant, Business Solution Developer (Design & Programming), Senior Manager, Webmaster

Photography, Digital Imaging / Photoshop, Videography, Computing, Website Design & Development, Traveling, Food, Music, Movies, Reading, Badminton, Archery.
I am a trained Classical guitarist and a Tae Kwon Do black belt exponent.
I would like to do Rock Climbing sometime soon!

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